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EN15000 won't work with Lilliput GL-701

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  • EN15000 won't work with Lilliput GL-701

    I have a EN15000 and M2-ATX PS and Lilliput GL-701 in-dash display. Initally, the display was pretty much illegible in any resolution from the EN1500. It looked outstanding when plugged into my laptop.

    When I installed the Via unichrome drivers, windows XP installed a "plug and play" monitor. Now, whenever I boot into windows XP, I get the "lost synch" on the monitor. I changed the monitor type back to "default" and now I can see it in windows.

    Incidently, the on the via arena forum there are several individuals with the same problem and no solution.

    When it is working in windows, the display looks horrible.

    In BIOS, I can change the display "panel type" to LCD, but then I get "lost synch" when booting up windows. Anybody know what the key (native resolution) is that I should use to specify 640x480 or 800x600? Default value is "07". I tried all the numbers from 01 to 07, and it still lost synch every time.

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    800 X 480.
    The S3 unicrap graphics is incapable of this resolution, and all the Via EPIA motherboards use the S3 unicrap graphics.

    There are more users here with the same issue, again with no solution.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      well, for one bright shining moment, I found the perfect combination of monitor drivers and bios settings to produce a beautiful 800x600 display on my Lilliput GL-701.

      Ever lost your car keys? Now you see it, now you don't?

      Of course, I immediately suffered from the same problem everyone else does with the EN series boards... when bios is set to CRT, and an LCD display is attached, it resets itself to LCD when you reboot. And of course, the LCD display only comes through the (not installed) LVDS daughtercard. So you loose video signal when it boots into windows.

      So after messing around trying to overcome the autoshift feature, I lost the combination which makes for a readable display. I did what everyone else did, which is delete the unichrome display drivers, and operate with the default vga driver... which gave a horrible picture. Once I reloaded everything, I still have a horrible picture.

      This sucks.

      anybody try a LVDS daughtercard on a epia board?


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        finally figured it out.

        Keeping the video choice in BIOS "LCD+CRT" keeps it from auto-reverting back to LCD only every time it reboots.

        I kept the unichrome drivers.

        Setting both monitors in display properties to "Flat Panel 800x60" and 75 MHz gives a very sharp image (because of the LCD+CRT choice, you specify 2 monitors for the primary display).


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          Try This

          Via's Latest Drivers mar 27 2007

          Not on

          but on