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What are your thoughts on this screen???

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  • What are your thoughts on this screen???

    Found it on ebay, looks like a pretty decent price. Also has a very important feature for me, which is right and left swivel.
    The price is the best one I could find so far. I know it looks cheap, but it does come with 12 month service warranty.


    All responses are greatly appreciated!


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    That warranty is all well and good until you actually have to make use of it...
    Ever priced shipping something to Hong Kong?

    I wouldn't purchase from this seller because of that fact alone. They may very well be 100% legitimate, but to save myself the potential hassle and expense, I'd purchase from a North American reseller.

    Also, as a general rule, in-dash motorized VGA touchscreens are low-quality and prone to breakage. These are comparatively new models and most have been rushed to market, sacrificing build quality as a result.

    Couple the first-gen "bugginess" and the fact that any warranty work woudl require a shipment to/from the Far East, I'll recommend against this screen from this reseller.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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