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  • lilliput bright

    I have a lilliput and i dont have a backlight because the inverter dead, i put an inverter external and works ,but now i have very, very bright in monitor, its possible put less bright in monitor???
    The input of the new inverter is 12v, if i input just 10v it works with less bright?

    The model of lilliput is EBY701-NP/C/T anyone know what is the output of the inverter original???

    how put less bright in monitor?

    the inverter its like a ccfl lamp of the cases of the pu.

    Please help me

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    Put a tinted glass on the screen

    No, the inverters are usually designed to provide the appropriate voltage for the lamp, if they are feed on lower voltage, they try to cope until being unable to do.
    They will increase the width of the impulse to hold the voltage they are designed to.

    If you are not sure about your inverter fits the Lilli, unplug it VERY quickly, because it can destroy the CCFL!!!! And it is not easy nor cheap to replace...
    It won't destroy the LCD (Unless it produces much more heat).

    Perhaps your inverter has a third input line (besides 12V and GND) to regulate the brightness.
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      I wish my lilliput was brighter. Very difficult to see during the day. Count your blessings.
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        Which inverter/

        What is the model of inverter you are using that makes it too bright?


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          the monitor now is ok, i buy a inverter with 470v output
          tanks everybody


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            backlight inverter

            do you have the spec or p/n of the inverter you used i need one for my lilli 629gl.than you