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Dynamix Touch Screen Problems

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  • Dynamix Touch Screen Problems

    First off I would like to say that the Dynamix WideScreen 8’’ TFT LCD VGA Touch Screen Monitor which I have is the real deal, purchased from their eBay site, so its not some cheap Chinese rip off.

    Ok, I purchased this screen at auction nearly a month ago;

    I received it a week or so ago, and was all-around impressed at the unit which I had purchased, they had packaged it neatly in a cardboard box, within a cardboard box, surrounded by the noodles.

    When I got around to plugging it in a testing it (I was not aloud as I had promised to finish another project I was undertaking before I could start this one (such a challenge not playing with my nice shiny LCD screen)).
    anyway, when I got around to it, the damn thing wouldn’t work properly, I plugged it in and loaded the software on, and did a 4 point calibration to find that only the surrounding sides of the touch screen worked, by that I mean I didn’t have any control over any of the screen, but when I did touch the screen it would revert the pointer to a point on the side.
    I thought this could just be a problem with the calibration or the screen settings so I played around with them, changing resolution and calibrations (25 point) but to no alas. Still not working.
    so I emailed them about this stating that is was/is DOA (dead on arrival) to which they replied with the link to their website;
    For upgraded firmware download, and to try a 25 point calibration.
    I did so, I unloaded the current drivers and downloaded and installed their revised drivers 2.04 or something like that, apposed to 1.94 or something which I had before.
    I then try a 25 point calibration but end up with the same results as last time, except now rather then whenever I touch the screen it reverting to somewhere on the outside of the screen, to a spot maybe 3 cm long at the bottom left of the screen, no matter where I touch.

    I have emailed them back stating that it did not fix the problem, but somewhat make it worse, they are yet to respond to my email (about 2 days now).

    so what I was wondering, was whether anyone has had this sort of problem before and or how I would go about fixing it, any ideas would be greatly appreciated as I would really like to use this screen as sending it back for repair would cost me nearly the price of the screen again, and I am not looking forward to it. Also the changing of the drivers changing the problem leads me to believe that it may be software related as apposed to hardware.
    thank you.
    Regards. Christopher

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    hello, i bought this same LCD a few months ago and have not had any problems with it at all. are you saying that the center of the touch screen does not work and just the edges do.


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      its really hard to explain,
      none of it works, when i touch anywhere on the screen it reverts the curser to somehwere along th edge. generally the same space no matter where on the screen i touch,
      it used to do the same thing but reverting to more then one place, which was a few places around the screen, but since the software update it only goes back to the place.


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        Maybe the bezel is in contact with the touch screen?


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          but then why does the calibration work then, like i thought they wy the calibrations work was if you didnt click on the x then they stayed red, when i do the calibration all the x's turn green. ??


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            If the bezel is pressing on the edges of the screen, it would be sending false information to the touch controller, as there would be two simultaneous presses on the touchkit.
            Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
            How about the Wiki?

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              i get that, but then wouldnt the calibration fail?


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                Originally posted by 96CalibraYE View Post
                i get that, but then wouldnt the calibration fail?
                No, I just tired it. The only way calibration will fail is if you don't touch the screen and wait unit the status bar at the bottom move all the way to the right.

                When calibrating, the "X" will blink and will record the (x,y) of anything that touches the screen and assign that value to the location of the blinking "X". If the bezel is touching the touching while calibrating, it will assign the location of the bezel to the blinking "X".

                To confirm that this is or is not the problem, remove the bezel and run calibration again


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                  i really want to, but i think it woud void the warrenty (not that i think these people are going to help me) i swear i think these can be the worse people i have delt with on eBay, and i've had some shockers before, they all seem to get back to me eventually.
                  it was fine before i actually purchased the item, which makes it all the more worse as i know they can be good service, and now there not.
                  i think stuff it, it really does sound like this could be the problem, everyone has had that crappy touchscreen toy which was cheaply made from china and someone just did the screws up a little too tight. there is that and i had always planned on removing the bezel for my setup, i just always figured i would have had it working on the benchtop first.
                  i think i shall try it,
                  i'm assuming there are no hidden screws or anything??
                  i shall post a reply soon.


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                    No hidden screws, just the 2 on each side.

                    Did you pay with paypal? I ususally pay with paypal with my American Express card...they have a 90 day protection coverage that comes with it. So if it doesn't work and the seller doesn't help you out. Call them, get your money back


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                      I get this problem when the screen is very very cold and I have to wait for it to warm up a little. This is because the form of the screen changes and hence the presses are wrong. It seems to make sense that something pushing down on the screen.
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                        tried it guys
                        removed the bezel, and even when it was off i would touch the screen anywhere and the menu start button in windows would click :P bugga
                        any more ideas?


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                          hey sama. how cold is very cold, i live in Australia so our ambient tempreture is probably around the 25 degrees celcius and a nice day would be around 30. when it starts getting into the high 45-50's thats when it gets a little warm lol.
                          btw, you rock man. your bezel is like the thing i look up to. lol


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                            hehe, thanks dude!

                            cold is like 5 degrees celcius and below. I have to rub the screen a little, and wait for the car to warm up. It's horrible 'cos I'm completely handcuffed. I'll tell you what though, when the screen is cold, any clicks I do mute roadrunner, and that's because the mute button on my skin is where the start menu is. Which strenghtens the theory that you have something pressing on the screen. If not the bezel, then something else.

                            I think it's either a stuck, or a defective TS, as opposed to a defective controller. I would say try to rub the screen firmly a little with something soft like cotton. You could even try to put it in the freezer for a while (dont' ask how long, I've never done it before!), then warm it up (not in the microwave ) maybe that will unstick any stuck parts. not exactly conventional methods, but hey... desperate measures and all that!
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                              hey mate im considering purchasing this exact screen from the same ebay seller, just wondering how things worked out for you in the end, have you got the screen working?