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Touchscreen Issues! Please Read!

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  • Touchscreen Issues! Please Read!

    This should be a sticky thread, but I'll let that to the mods to decide.
    We all heard of this before, touchscreen times out, wont work anymore till reboot, or replug action is taken. There is a fix! and it has NOTHING to do with the USB power management! Be aware though that by modifying the registry you do so at your own risk, I'm just here to help you folks out on what I went through to get the xenarc touchscreen (or any other for that fact) working perfectly in XP and Vista, regardless how idle it was.

    1) Open the Registry and goto the following key
    HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Enum\USB\VID_0EEF&PI D_0001
    \*NOTE*\Device Parameters\

    *NOTE* is the USB port variable that the touchscreen is identified as. If there is more than one of them, do the following steps for each and every one.

    2) For all Idle* keys, set the value to 0, should be 2 sets of idle* keys per usb port if u plugged the TS into different ports.

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Enum\U SB\VID_0EEF&PID_0001\5&3b27c391&0&1\Device Parameters\]

    if thats where your keys are:
    Set Idletimer, or idle*anything* to 0
    do that for all usb ports the TS is or was attached to in the list, then reboot.

    I tested this for 2 days straight, WITH AND WITHOUT USB HUB POWER SAVINGS! This is what everyone will need to know to fix all TS timeout issues!

    Good luck
    I am a new member here and starting from scratch on a carpc system, pics will come soon !

    Tony for Car Pics! for Touchscreen timeout fix!

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    Gonna, try.....hoping like hell this works
    Tennessee Vols Fan


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      A couple days later, no replies? Common guys, tell me this fixed your issues for Car Pics! for Touchscreen timeout fix!


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        Thank you for the info, but my fix involved surgery of the TS. I just bought the 8 inch Lilliput from MP3 Store last week.

        It worked well for about an hour then the TS started failing. I thought that it might be the time out issue, but after taking a brand new screen apart, voiding the warranty, it turned out that the ribbon cable that connects the screen to the main board had come out on the very end.

        The screen continued to work, however the TS did not. I put the cable back in, secured the locks on the connecter, a dab of hot glue on the cable and all is well.

        But I did try every thing that you posted and thank you for you efforts
        Tennessee Vols Fan


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          Gonna try it now

          I have been plagued by the software issue that causes the touchscreen to stop responding until the usb is disconnected and reconnected. I'm on the verge of buying a new screen thinking this was defective. I'm going to try this right now and see if it fixes that problem


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            Attempt to do this, keys not found...

            I eagerly attempted to try this fix, but when I looked for the Idle* keys they were not there. There were only three keys in each of the Device Parameters:

            Please Please Please help me figure this out if you can... It's truely driving me up the wall



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              Ok, have u installed the touchkit drivers? YOU NEED TO, If so, follow this step and post results and i will help you further.

              go down the registry keys, but when you get to VID_0EEF, right click that and click export, it'll create a reg key, post it back here so i can further help you or send it to my email [email protected] and I will reply with further instructions, but be sure you have the touchkit software installed or else this stuff wont work.
     for Car Pics!

     for Touchscreen timeout fix!


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                Touchkit software installed

                The touchkit software is installed, of course. Otherwise the screen wouldn't function at all. As stated earlier, the screen works for some amount of time between 30 seconds and 3 hours and then stops.
                I have the latest build of the software that isn't in beta, I think it's I originally installed the beta one (v: and then uninstalled it when it started doing this problem. I think the uninstall was complete. But the version is definately installed now.
                I will export and post the reg hive 1st thing in the morn.


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                  I'm having this exact problem with my 700TS, ever since I upgraded to a usb 2.0 hub. I'll try this out and see if it helps. It's driving me nuts!