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  • One Problem down, One to go...

    Alright guys so as you know from my last thread, i blew out my backlight inverter on my lilliput 629GL touchscreen monitor. I recently purchased this... and my the backlight work but was REALLY dim.

    My question is, is this because the new backlight inverter which is being powered from my carnetix 5V source is not putting enough power into the lights?

    Does anyone have any ideas on what i could do?

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    I was unable to get ANY info from that site about the inverter
    You have to know what voltage it is designed to, add power it with the appropriate voltage.
    Is there any limitation on the documentation shipped with?
    Is there any possibility to control the inverter (potentiometer or something like that)?

    It is also possible, that the lilli backlight is provided by two tubes, wired serial (tube after tube, top and bottom). In this case you have to use an inverter with higher voltage.
    If the tubes are wired parallel (The same ends are connected), in that case you should use an inverter that is able to produce higher current.
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