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gears snapping sounds on Dww-700m

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  • gears snapping sounds on Dww-700m

    hi all,

    anyone encountered this? The sounds comes up occasionally when i retract or eject the screen. And every time the snapping sound comes up, it gives me a D*mn heart attack... this screen is only 2 weeks new... And i'm hearing these gear snapping sounds already ... shld i expect the screen to fail anytime soon....


    The unit's from an HK ebay seller - and its the same thing as the dww-700m

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    Another one suckered into a first-gen motorized in-dash VGA touchscreen. Worse yet, dealing with an RMA from a HongKong reseller wil be a *****, if it's even possible.

    Will it fail? I have no idea, but based on the accounts of other users with thse units, I'm inclined to believe it will.

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      You should not have forced it

      Kidding. Good luck with the RMA.
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      Yes, you should search... and Yes, It has been covered before!

      Read the FAQ!


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        yeah well... looks like its gonna be a rough ride ahead. hopefuly there's some way to salvage the mess. The clicking sound's really irritating. Everytime it flips open or close, i say a little prayer and hope that it doesnt fall apart.... man... this sucks...