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Help! Need new linitx cable!

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  • Help! Need new linitx cable!

    Hy guys, I just had my car broken into....Idiots snactched my cd player but didnt take the screen(dumb). They DID however, take the power cable for the screen thinking it went to cd player.I bought my screen from MP3car store. It is a linitx/gain screen with 8-pin connector for power, video and vga. Problem is I cant find cable for sale ANYwhere. Ive looked on mp3car store but their connector looks like a 4-pin for lilli's. Anyone know where to purchase one from or does anyone have one i can buy off them? Cant remember model name but it says TFT widescreen lcd color monitor at top and is a 7 inch monitor. Thanks For any Help. Need to get carputer up and running again..

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    i contacted customer service and they were nice enough to look around in their spare parts to see if they had an extra cable because the monitor is no longer being sold. Still, they didnt find one. Since i bought from MP3 store, they should have one right? Ughh, dont want to trash my screen cause of a missing cable! A little help would be appreciated guys....Im about ready to give up


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      Well couldnt find cable, but found a 8 pin male mini-din cable on the net i order so i could splice into it. All i need is a pinout now, which again, I cant seem to find anywhere Could someone PLEASE help....Im about ready to and its starting to seem useless. Maybe i should just get the trasflective....


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        Hve you looked at

        If they dont have it, PM Armen (runs the dw store) and he will surely beable to find it. I swear he has everything lcd related stocked up in his garage or something.
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