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Possible to flip VGA signal 180 degrees??

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  • Possible to flip VGA signal 180 degrees??

    I'm trrying to fit a Dennis K screen in to my car, but the big steel border on the left of the screen is making things hard.

    Does anybody know of a way to flip the image so that when the screen is mounted up side down, the image is the right way up??

    I've had a look at the LCD controller to see if there was a jumper setting, but there wasn't.

    Any help or comment?????

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    Hi . You could try -

    They have a download section so you can try before you buy. As I remember its for windows so your boot screen will be upside-down untill windows starts.



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      Thanks, this seems to be exactly what i need.

      Does any body know of any other ways to do this??


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        The latest nvidia drivers (40.x) have an option to rotate the screen 0,90,180 and 270 degrees. Party on!


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          The new ati drivers also do this.
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            I know for the fact that I have seen someone, on this board, who wired the horizontal and or vertical syncs slightly differently to achieve that affect. Maybe allen rubble... Dunno, but i am pretty sure it can be done.
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            Loads of ideas.


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              Pivot Pro SUX
              Nasty piece of crap... and I'm not going to fork over the 40 bones for the POS.


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                Originally posted by lightman
                Pivot Pro SUX
                Nasty piece of crap... and I'm not going to fork over the 40 bones for the POS.
                how bout justifying that?

                as for the price, i bought a copy off ebay for 10 bucks shipped. with the free update i got to the newer version (since i purchased my copy within the previous 3 months), i would have happily paid the $40 considering the reliable use I get out of it.

                ?sux donottabuy?

                if you're interested in *cough* trying it out *cough* shoot me an email or PM
                Yes i know there is a demo, but it isn't the same (not just psychologically either)
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                  I had that screen. Yes, the edge is annoying.
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