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What to use for LCD rear seat?

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  • What to use for LCD rear seat?

    Ok, so I've got my TruckPC up and running...which I'm going to post my pics and a write up soon on my work... And by the way...this site has been great at guiding me through that big ugly mess!

    Now, I need to decide on what to use for rear seat DVD viewing.

    I will not be using this for general PC work, that's what my 7" Lilli is for. My question is this - why are those flip down screens so darned expensive!?!?

    I've been tempted by "budget" screens like this one by BOSS:

    I'm also looking at a 14.1 widscreen TFT LCD Monitor that would be used for a desktop environment - reason being that its bright, has 500:1 contrast, is 14.1 inches and widescreen, higher resolution than most flip downs I've seen that don't cost as much as my truck did, and lastly, it's only $150. I have room, it's a Ford F-150 SuperCrew (4 doors). Only problems I see are mounting it, but really that should'nt be too bad. My truck has heavy duty rails running down the roof for overhead goodies that you can buy from Ford dvd players w/ 6" screens for $1400...screw that!

    So, were do I go... do I pony up the dough and pay for a $500 lcd flipdown from a good brand, buy the $165-$180 BOSS, or go with my 14.1 monitor for $150?!?!
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