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Windows Vista Drivers for Lilliput

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  • Windows Vista Drivers for Lilliput

    I have a Lilliput 629 touchscreen. Now I'm thinking about installing Vista to my carpc since I have it in my desktop now. I like it's GUI and my carPC meets the requirements to run Aero. I don't use any frontend so WMP11 should be good.

    The problem is, eGalax drivers for vista requires minimum firmware versions to work. My TS shows a version of 2.16. Anyone know if this will work?

    eGalax drivers require 2.30 up for Resistive TS and 1.1 up for Resistive Saturn TSs. Anyone know what model the Lilliput has?

    Anyone has a workaround to this?


    PS. Thanks in advance

    I've searched BTW, but there are just no definite answers

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    I loaded Vista drivers to my website for you.
    Click the link, and the download window will pop up. Click on Save.


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      Wow thanks

      This is different from the egalax drivers right? So will this work with my lilliput 629gl even if I have a low firmware version? Sorry, really just wanna make sure before I reformat everything to Vista

      Thanks again BTW


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        Drivers will work with Vista. Firmware should not be an issue. But, I can't make any guarantees.


        The version I loaded on my site for you is v4.3.7.3321 -release 09/25/2006
        There was no firmware requirement mentioned for these drivers.

        The newer version, v4.3.8.3808 - release 03/27/2007 are the drivers that egalax says "Only support new firmware version controller for Vista."

        So, that being said, I cannot at this point confirm whether or not the drivers I linked will work.

        Did you try emailing egalax?

        As a last resort, I do have the newer version touch controllers (4 and 5 wire) in stock should it come down to you needing to replace the controller.


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          Nope not yet. I'll try installing it in my desktop computer first, see if it works. Thanks