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    hi, first post here, didn't know exactly where this should go so I stuck it in general, if a mod reads it and decideds it fits better else where, feel free to throw it that way


    I have bought a epia 800-AG board but I am having the most damned time trying to get it to display out of the RCA port in the back

    I've changed the jumper pin, and repeatly cycled through the bios for a "CRT+TV" function

    i've read numerous help points and FAQ guides and they all say to change the option in the BIOS to CRT+TV and im damned sure it's not there.

    I've updated my bios to the newest bin file out there (epia0207.bin) and nothing else seems to work. I bought this mobo to run on a TV and so far it looks like it's gonna be a waste of cash.

    I even found this bios:
    VIA EPIA M Mainboard BIOS 1.13.--Note:This BIOS needs working with below new VGA driver--Update new VGA BIOS. Support CRT+TV, LCD and...

    Which is what I need (it sounds like) to get my option of CRT+TV video to appear in my BIOS, but it's a different version of BIOS nad wont load into my machine.

    I am looking for any, and I stress any help/ideas welcome on this matter.