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Where to solder IR?

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  • Where to solder IR?

    Hi Guys,

    Been doing a bit of searching around, I want to solder the IR directly to the controller board, since I have got rid of the front button control board. I figure I'll take the 5v for the IR Vcc from the same place as specified in the coyote auto power on mod:

    So the 5v and GND are sorted, the data pin for the IR, I believe I have traced to a pin on the side of the SyncMOS chip, hard to describe without knowing how the pins are numbered. Starting from the dot on the syncmos chip its the 8th pin to the left. 6 on the dot side, 2nd one down on the west side of the chip. I know that is odd way of explaining it. (it just so happens theres a set of resistors just above this pin which are connected to the pin, easiest place to solder data wire to..)

    Really I'm just hoping theres someone with a lilli open that can confirm the data pin of the IR goes to this pin (trace from button board IR to syncmos chip). Assuming pin 1 on the button board connector is on the left in coyote's illustration, the pin on the IC should also be connected to pin 10 of that button board connector.

    Hopefully that was too poorly explained, if anyone wants more detail please let me know. I'm keen to solder this up tonight, but don't want to wreck anything.

    Thanks heaps in advance,


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    another pic:

    Heres another pic to show the pin i'm talking about (I coloured it red) and I've also circled the resistor bit. The resistors are joined by a blob of solder so this is where I hope to attach the IR to.

    Can someone please do a continuity test between the IR receiver on the button board to this pin? cheers guys.



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      I couldn't wait..

      Well, after a long time studying various circuits and the ribbon itself, then the button board, I decided I was pretty set for a shot at it. I am also impatient

      I gave it a shot, and it worked!

      I used:

      2 core sheilded wire (Jaycar #: WB1504)
      IR reciever module (Jaycar #: ZD1952)
      and some solder.

      I used the 2 points from coyote's diagram and the resistor blob for me IR data input.. all works good!

      I used 2 cable ties to hold the cable down.

      I'd take pictures.. but I've just reassembled the thing. I'll take a shot of the IR device and post it up if people want.

      Thanks for reading,



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        Great job and good contribution.
        My Install