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In-Dash Touchscreen w\ Radio

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  • In-Dash Touchscreen w\ Radio

    I am pretty supprised. It is actually quite hard to find an in-dash headunit with a flip screen that accepts VGA Input AND has a radio. The only one I found is that lilliput but I heard it is not out yet and reviews from this site say it is a POS. Do you all know of any?

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    Check out:

    The DWW-6500 has a radio as do most of the others on that site.
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      Does anyone have any experience with the DWW screen's? Does it exist a LCD indash with CD player?


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        Originally posted by dico View Post
        Does anyone have any experience with the DWW screen's? Does it exist a LCD indash with CD player?
        Armen at DigitalWW is a great guy to work with. He stands behind what he sells. I question the quality of these units as they are all first-gen, which would tend to make them buggy overall. That has nothing to do with Armen, though. That's manufacturing and design.

        And the in-dash screen w/ CD player doesn't exist unless you make one yourself. the Xenarc 700IDT can be modded to use a slim slot-load drive. Someone on the forums did just that.
        Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
        How about the Wiki?

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          Quote from
          Unfortunately the quality of both 700H and 750FM monitors has declined recently. There are a few problems that keep coming up. For now I will not be selling them until further notice.

          The main problem with these monitors is that they don't work below 45F, which is completely unacceptable. The manufacturer is working on this problem right now so hopefully there will be a solution soon. As soon as they are ready I will have them available again.
          I think i will wait to buy a DWW screen. And the lilliput screen have bad reviews, something about the sound and bad picture quality. So any more ideas for a screen I can buy?

          Edit: Is there a difference between CID700M and DWW-750FM? They look exactly the same in my eyes.
          Links: CID700M -
          DWW-750FM -