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Emulating a video monitor

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  • Emulating a video monitor

    Hey guys, my car is running beautifully apart from one issue.

    If my headrest monitors (non VGA, non touchscreen) are off when the computer boots up, then the video card will not detect them, and I am forced to reboot to enable the screens. I know I can have the screens turn on when I turn my system on, but I don't really want that.

    Is there a way for me to emulate a screen being attached, therefore the video card doesnt disable the TV out function, and I can turn the screens on and off as I like?


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    It's fairly easy to do in linux, not sure about windows...


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      Well I was thinking about a physical device... Couldn't I just plug something in that has the same resistance as a screen? Is this not how it works?


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        yup, theres a post somewhere here (sorry you;ll have to search) which does exactly that, resistor across the two pins.


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          What video card you have? More likely it a function of the video card/driver that force Video/S-video out instead.
          You can try one of those video distributor device.
          Otherwise, I think the resistor is about 75Ohm.
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            Isn't the resistor etc for VGA?