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Necvox 7919 LCD Monitor Connection

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  • Necvox 7919 LCD Monitor Connection

    Have bought the above unit and connected it to the Sony MEX-R1 DVD player. The above unit came with the following:

    1) 1 video/audio input
    2) 1 NAV input
    3) 1 video/audio output
    4) 1 CCD input
    5) IR output

    When I connected the Garmin GVN52 GPS Navigation unit to the "NAV input", there is no picture. There is picture when I connected it to the "CCD input", but I understand that it is for the reverse camera. How do I turn on the "NAV input"?

    What is the IR output for as it is not mentioned in the manual?
    Why is the rear view camera and the night switch signal using the same orange wire?

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    IR is InfraRed output....for your remote(optional i think)