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xenarc touchscreen not recognized

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  • xenarc touchscreen not recognized

    heres the situation: newly installed carpc, which is freaking sweet. I've been using it for like three weeks flawlessly. couple of days ago i got my gps receiver(usb) and Iguidance 3. everything was working fine. expect last night i was using iguidance and touched the direction icon ( top left corner) and the windows gave me a windows encountered a problem error. i was like that was weird. i wasnt using the navi at the time of the error because i wasnt moving, i was just showing my computer to my cousin. I'm pretty sure after the error that iguidance had frozen also. I didnt think much of the error because i was going to turn my computer off anyways.

    well the next morning i turn on my car and everything is working fine. i started iguidance and just out of curiosity i clicked the same icon i did the night before and then i guidance froze again. i turned my computer off and back on and the touch screen doesnt work. It is not even recognized by touchkit. i installed and reinstalled and unplugged and replugged and still nothing.

    I'll troubleshoot some more tomorrow. but does anybody have any guidance. I dont feel like wasting my time especially if its something simple.

    Anybody have any ideas?
    2003 Infiniti G35

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    ok so ive been working on the problem and this is what i found:

    i checked the device manager and there it was under pointing devices. Usb touch screen ....(unviersal). so i updated the driver and got it recognized by touch kit. well so i thought it was fixed but like a minute later the TS stopped working again. I checked the device manager and it wasnt even there anymore.
    I unplugged the usb and replugged it and try to restart the comp. but nothing it is not even showing up in the device manager. so what the hell is going on? anybody? this is really frustrating. help!
    2003 Infiniti G35