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Installing a 15inch monster

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  • Installing a 15inch monster

    Hey guys iv been looking at all these touchscreens and while they are cool i think id much rather go with a 15inch standard lcd mounted off my dash, obviously this will take some planning but all my previous attempts have been with 7inch in dash monitors and dvd players, i want to mount a non touchsvreen and il just use a small htpc keyboard with trackball or the like.
    My only issue will be powering it all, as i want to put my slightly larger htpc case in with a tv tuner that my ps2 will run into
    Obviously a 15inch lcd, htpc and console will use lots of power, anyone know if a 300-400w invertor will do the trick?
    iv also been thinking of getting a used ups with a screwed battery and wiring it to use my car battery instead to avoid voltage flucuations

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    A 15" monitor is huge for a dash-mount. Nor that it can't be done...

    And there are far better solutions than an inverter. I suggest looking into a DC-DC power supply. They are smaller, more efficient, generate less heat and are less prone to inducing electrical noise in your audio system.
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      You remind me when I was planning my first one, I just wanted a traditional mouse and keyboard with a 15inch on a mounted arm and didnt think I needed a front end and was just going to use winamp. And I did it back in 03, but I soon realised that this setup is very hard to use in a car. I would recommend touch screen 100% and a screen thats out of the way.
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        And you can get touch overlays for 15" screens I believe. They are rather pricy, but there.

        You might want to check out 10.4" screens. You can even get those in transflective. A 15" monitor, without transflective backing will just burn your corneas. And on top of that, no TS! You got to be kidding me, how are you going to find your mouse on that screen?

        Get a TS overlay and as the singing wall fish says, "dont worry, be happy".

        And 15" really will look ghetto. I have never seen any install pictures of a car with a screen over 10" that didnt look really really ghetto. It is just not natural in the car. 10.4 is really pushing it as well, but will go with your car much better.
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          I would have to agree with toaster on the screen size. Mine is a 12 inch and it does look a little out of place in my tiny honda. However this is the only size available to me for the screens I prefer (Data 911) so Im stuck with it. These surplus police screens are built like tanks. There is a dent in the metal case on mine where someone threw it into something after removal and it still works perfect.

          Go with the 10.4" with built in touch you wont regret it.