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Lilliput 629 help ASAP!!

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  • Lilliput 629 help ASAP!!

    hi all

    my lilliput 629 works fine untill i disconnect the vga for a second.

    i didnt notice before i disconnect the vga cable the sides of it.

    if someone have a picture or can tell me if the side with the blue plastic on it goes to the back of the screen(i can see the blue plastic) and the side that goes to the board is upside down,(i dont see the blue plastic on the cable) or shold i see the blue plastic on both of the screen and the board.

    both way i try but have a white screen when i turn the screen ON.also i try with a new cable and the same result of white screen.

    all connectors are OK and like new

    hope someone can help ASAP.


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    going to sell the 629,any GOOD offers pls PM.


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      have a search around the forums for "white screen of death" Check your ribbon cable that goes from the screen to the screen controller. This is a common result when the ribbon cable is not properly seated.
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        i try to move the cable in evry angle,the cable looks ok,the connectors looks ok,the monitor is new,i dont understand why its stop working.


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          did you open it? if not send it back for warranty
          Never let the truth get in the way of a good story


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            yes,i open it 2h ago first time...yes...i can hear you saying y on earth did u did it...


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              either it's the ribbon cable or you have damaged the controller board. The same thing happened to my xenarc. Try cleaning the contacts of the ribbon cable and then have a real close look at it. the cable could be damaged from when you pulled it apart.
              Never let the truth get in the way of a good story


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                its not the cable for sure because i have two of them and they look new.i will try to clean them and see if somthing happan,if going to sell the 629 in parts...

                will let u know....tnx!!


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                  one more thing...if i move the cable without the connector is closed...shuld i see no vga signle or is a must to close the connector.?

                  do u know what side goes where? (the blue plastic on the cable)


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                    Unfortunately I don't know which side goes where. I haven't opened up my lilliput. If it isn't the ribbon cable, it is probably the controller that is damaged.

                    The screen will show no signal if it is on and there is no vga signal input.
                    Never let the truth get in the way of a good story


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                      where is this controller and it can be replace by a new one?


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                        clean the cable and still have white screen.i guess this screen going to be sell in parts...


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                          "Poorly manufactured and prone to sudden failure." That about sums up Xenerac and lilliput screens lately.