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Xenarc busted, need replacement. How about this one?

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  • Xenarc busted, need replacement. How about this one?

    Ok, so I am rebuilding a 1965 dodge van. Check out the site here .

    Now after a year of working on this I finally get to the stage where I can connect my carpc and get things set up. I used to have the entire system in my 2005 nissan altima. That project is probably still burried in the completed projects forum on this site somewhere.

    Anyways, I plugged in the pc, connected the screen, booted the computer up. The Xenarc monitor came on for a seconds, a bunch of weird vertical lines appeared and then it went off and the light just blinks. I tried pushing all the buttons and nothing.

    So I hooked it up to my laptop instead and still nothing.

    I think it just was destroyed somewhere along the way. Maybe got water in it or something.

    So now I have to replace it with something else.

    Went on ebay and was looking around. Saw this auction clicky here. I am ready to try 4:3 since I probably won't be watching movies on it very much. Just gps nav and mp3 playing. Oh and eventually a hd radio turner.

    Anyways, the lilliput 10.4's seem to have an overheating problem from what I read. The 7s are just too small. So this one looks good. Problem is I can't find it on lilliputs website nor can I seem to find it in these forums.

    Anyone have any ideas about this monitor? And if it sucks, what should I get instead? I don't want to spend Xenarc prices again. I would like to keep things on the cheap side.