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Cheap Color TFT LCD (Headrest Mount)

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  • Cheap Color TFT LCD (Headrest Mount)

    I'm looking for 2 inexpensive TFT Color LCD's to mount in the head rests of my Impreza. Somthing in the 5" to 7" range. They don't need to be ultra high res as these are for a game console and DVD playback. I'm going to be outputting composit from the PC to these (VGA to my Xenarc).

    Those Game View LCD's would have worked great but I suppose there all sold out by now.

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    all hope is not lost, my friend. Gamevues seem to be going for $50-60 on Ebay right now (A little more than what you could have got them for at Fry's but still cheaper than anything else out there). I also seem to remember people saying that there might still be screens in the Fry's stores that havn't sold. If you dont live near one, maybe you could ask nicely and have someone who does grab one for you and ship it to you. Just a thought. If all else fails, you can always pick up something like this. I know its $140, but sometimes you just gotta bite the bullet and shell out some extra cash to get what you want when you want it.
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      I like that autoswitch power feature and the fact it already has the trim ring. I might just have to get those.

      I live in St. Louis, we don't get Fry's down here. If someone would be interested in grabbing 2 for me I'd be REALLY thankful.