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Getting 800x480 in boot camp

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  • Getting 800x480 in boot camp

    I've got XP up and running under boot camp on my mac mini, but I can't get 800x480 working.

    I've used powerstrip in the past, but when I try to use it now the "advanced timing" button is grayed out, unless I hook my mini up to a monitor. But powerstrip only lets you work on the current monitor, so that doesn't really help.

    The mini has a Intel GMA950 integrated graphics cards (groan....only the first gen minis had ati graphics). Is there a solution out there? I've searched everywhere - surely someone else has had this problem.

    I have a 7" lilliput touchscreen. G29L I believe.

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    I think we may be out of luck... so far. I've got an Aopen MiniPC that also uses the 950 set, and with my 7" Lilliput (EBY701), I've not had luck getting 800x480 working properly. I've tried some modified drivers that get the resolution right, but the colours are all screwed up.