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help with AVED AV545 lcd controller

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  • help with AVED AV545 lcd controller

    Hi guys,
    I a newbie so please be gentle

    This is kind of a long shot. I bought a sanyo lm64c350 8.4" lcd and AVED av545 lcd controller off ebay and I have not been able to get it to work.
    When I fire up the controller i get garbage on the screen (just odd characters everywhere). the PC seems to boot normally.
    It seems that AVED have gone bust and there website is down. I have spoke to someone at earthlcd and tho he was helpful, he couldn't really do much. He seemed to think that the bios is corrupt.
    Has anyone got one of these controller cards or know where I can get some info/ideas on how to get this thing running?
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