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Forcing Extreme Underscan??

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  • Forcing Extreme Underscan??

    Hey Everyone,

    New to this forum. I am planning a CarPC install but before I even get started I need to know if my idea is feasable. I have a 2005 Mercedes C230 SS with factory navigation. Here's a pic of the factory nav screen:

    I have disassembled the factory nav before. My plan is to completely remove all components of the nav and be left with simply the casing. I would like to put a 7" Transflective TS inside. This will give it a 100% factory look. The problem here is the opening in the factory nav for the screen is not 7". Therefore, part of the image will be behind the bezel from my nav.

    What I'd like to do at this point is force a smaller resolution onto the screen and not have the screen scretch the image. I want it to center the image so that I am left with a smaller image than what the screen can do. In effect, I'll have a ~6" image. I hope my explanation is clear. Here's an image of what I mean (if it even helps):

    The black box would be the 7" TS behind the faceplate of the factory nav. The bottom of the pic is to show the darker black is my picture but the entire thing is the viewable area of the screen.

    So my question is: what hardward/software do I need to force this underscan? Is it possible with the 7" transflective screen available in the store?