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PSone, epia 5000, Xorg.conf help

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  • PSone, epia 5000, Xorg.conf help

    I did the vga mod (succesfully?) to my psone lcd.

    I am trying to run it on my epia 5000 motherboard, using linux.
    I haven't seen any threads where people have said whether this motherboard supports composite sync.

    My attempts to use the modeline from here (for the epia 800):

    (xorg reports "no screens found.")
    ---this results from changing only the HorizSync and VertRefresh lines. (hadn't added the modeline yet; but still fails after this too.)

    and I dont know what rest of the xorg.conf file needs.

    In console using the boot option vga=0x301, and X (using a generic 640x480x16 xorg.conf file), the psone screen displays two screens side by side (both squished to fit), and at the top of the screen it looks like a stiff wind is blowing(bending) the picture, shifting it. The colors are also off somewhat. I can see xfce good enough to move the mouse to the exit button, but thats about it.

    An attempt to run xvidtune on the epia 5000 (using a different monitor) resulted in a message like "video device does not support tuning".


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    ...Also, after being properly vga modded, is the PSone screen supposed to work in a Linux console, or DOS only environment?

    Mine doesn't it acts like as described above. (two smooshed screens).


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      well, since no one is responding, I'll continue my psone adventure alone:

      ....removing the vsync wire from the hsync&vsync union which connected to both pins 13&14, (thus leaving only hsync to pin 13) removed the waviness at the top of the screen but the screen is still split and now is offset from the top improperly.

      Wondering now if I need a separate composite sync circuit.



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        thread continues in linux forum

        Any further posts on this topic from me will be in the linux forum as I think it is mostly a software issue now: