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Ipal's screen - What is it?

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  • Ipal's screen - What is it?

    Originally posted by iPal View Post

    Hi a member called ipal posted this pic of his install i found by searching and i really need to know what brand it is because this would be perfect for an install in my Toyota Celica where i wouldnt have to fabricate any of the centre console.
    I have tried pming him but he hasnt posted since 2005 so i dont hold out much hope
    Does anyone else know what screen this is?


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    Please, can anyone get intouch with this member or can anyone make an educated guess as to what type of monitor this could be or even the size. I would have thought it was 8 inch?


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      You can get simila results from any 7" screen. I don't think make/model matters much, if at all.
      Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
      How about the Wiki?

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        Hi, thansk for your reply.
        What im interested int his screen for though is the fact it seems to fit perfectly into the existing celica double din slot without and fabrication.
        I am yet to see this done by anyone else without them fibreglassing it.

        Would you have said it was most likely an 7" screen then and not 8?

        As i am going to have to mail order whichever monitor i eventually decide to buy its obviously better if i can make a close to definate that it will fit smoothly.

        Thanks again.


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          Thanks for your reply.

          So do you think the dimensions of any 7" screen would fit the existing double din slot in my celica without the need for any fabrication whatsoever?

          The reason i imagined that it would have been a specific model of screen in the pic above is because i have not seen anyone else achieve the same level of smoothness of fit without the need for fibreglassing the centre console.

          Thanks for your help!