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Newbie (I know!!!) needs lcd/controller advice

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  • Newbie (I know!!!) needs lcd/controller advice

    This is sort-of a cross post. I'm working on a back-up camera system for my new FJ Cruiser. I have very limited space where I want to put my lcd screen. I've searched the net and found a whole plethora of lcd modules that will likely work. There are a limited number of them that will actually take an ntsc signal... most of the panels I like require ttl. Now for the question... Is there anybody here that would be willing to coach me through the necessary controller boards I would need to get in order to convert a composite signal from a backup camera into either ttl or rgb?



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    why don't you use a xenarc or a lilliput. They come with composite video inputs if you choose the right model. You can save on space by removing it from the case.
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      email motorcity. He would know better than any of us.
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        found it.

        Thanks guys... I like the lilliput stuff, but they're much too big. I'm limited to a 3.5" monitor. I ended up buying an lcd module that has ntsc input... got tired of trying to find the perfect module and settled on the smallest frame 3.5" I could find.

        Thanks again,