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  • lil 629 power

    I have a 629 with the p1900. The screen doesnt come with pigtails, do I need to cannabalize the ac adapter plug, and run this to the power directly? does polarity matter? (dumb question) I've seen so many good write ups for these two items, but none directly address the power issue.

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    You can cannibalize or you can just make your own plug. Plug is 5.5 OD 2.1 ID. Radioshack sells them as "Size M" (274-1569). Inside is positive, outside (barrel) is negative.
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      Im sure you can get a power plug from electrical stores ( im from aus so no idea what yours would be )
      And yes polarity should matter - from memory the inner of the plug is positive ( + ) but just check on the AC adapter - it will tell you... if not, measure it with a multimeter

      then you can connect it to your 1900 - molex plug or whatever should be fine ( correct me anyone if im wrong ) - just get a normal extension molex adapter and butcher it to get the 12v rail...


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        Once again you guys have bailed me out big time, I'm probably gonna canabalize the cig adapter power supply it comes with.

        I owe you guys a cold one.

        yeah you were right silicoon