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  • Hinged Screen?

    My biggest concern with mounting a screen is security. In the center of my van's dash is a large oen area that could hide a monitor if I could put a hinge on its top, and have it swing to about 45 degrees since it would be pretty low.

    My problem is how to keep it up at that angle while driving without using a strut from below. Preferebly I could reach down, swing it up manually where it would stay stably until I pushed it back.

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    Maybe an enclosure like those that roof mount for DVD players? The one in my friends minivan has tight hinges and stays at the angle you move it to.
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      I just found these too:

      With a laptop hinge I could put it externally on the case, but it looks like the Xenarc 7" has a connector on its side, which would get in the way.

      I'm a little worried about the screen shaking a lot over bumps compared to a fixed install, but I guess the screens are pretty light.

      I'm also thinking that the in-dash flip-out could be mounted some way down there. Hmm...


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        Check my web site for how I did this. Link is in my sig.

        If I did it again, I'd use a linear actuator as the servo method I used only keeps the screen up if you have power to it.

        An actuator or a screwjack would eliminate the problem.
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          a simple mounting plate should work as well . . like the ones they use to attach license plates on bikes. . . I can get you the schematics to make a motorised one as well (again its on a CBR forum so its made for bikes but Im sure it can be retro fitted.)


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            Thanks. I don't want it motorized for simplicity. I'll probably just fabricate a mount to put a 700IDT down there at an angle so it faces up more. I like that it swivels L/R.