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really weird xenarc problem, no light, buttons don't work

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  • really weird xenarc problem, no light, buttons don't work

    Hey guys,

    I have a Xenarc 700 TSV fabricated in my dash ('02 Accord), and the PC in the trunk. Sometimes, it comes on and works perfectly when ACC is on. Other times, the computer turns on, and the Xenarc display works, but everything is flipped right to left, the blue light doesn't come on, and none of the buttons work except for the power button. Sometimes when it is in this state, quickly pressing the power button off and on will make it come back on with the blue light on, and the screen is once again flipped normally. Other times, no matter how many times I power it off and on the blue light never comes on and the buttons don't work, leaving the display flipped and unusable. The touchscreen always works, however, and it is also flipped. I'm powering it off a molex from my M2-ATX PSU, extending it through a lamp wire to the front of the car. Please let me know if anyone has experienced this before. And if not, I bought this monitor off ebay. How is Xenarc about providing tech support for it? (especially after I dismantled it in order to fabricate it into the dash).

    Thanks a lot.

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    It never hurts to ask, but I think they would deny warranty on something you bought off eBay and dismantled. I think they will do repair work for a fee, however. Not sure what blue light (power button?) you are talking about, unless they changed things, but it sounds like there is something wrong with it. Check the cable connections to see if something is lose - that’s about all you can do.
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      You might have power issues. The M2 is one of the worst pieces of hardware you can find. Be careful not to overload it. DO run 3.5 harddrives and regular cd-roms. You may have a power sag everytime. Unplug some devices that hog the wattage.