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Touchscreen problem - Help please!

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  • Touchscreen problem - Help please!



    I have a recently bought a incar pc and touchscreen from ebay. Unfortunately the touchscreen panel was cracked when I received it - it still registered presses but very badly, and some parts of the screen didn't work at all.

    I did a bit of research, and came across the 7" touchscreen interface replacement kit. (Ordered on Wednesday afternoon and arrived Thursday morning - very impressive delivery time!)

    Plugged in the new touchscreen, booted up the PC - and no finger presses are registered. Pulled the usb cable out and plugged it back in, and no new hardware is found? Currently using the old USB controller board which worked on the old screen, although did test the new one with no success.

    Did a search and asked a few people what to do next, and so I downloaded and installed the latest touchscreen drivers:

    This didn't do anything either - I ran the calibration program and it failed to register any presses?

    No idea what else I can try - just need to get this working and I can finally set up my computer to my preferences!