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Almost have my 10.4 mounted...

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  • Almost have my 10.4 mounted...

    I'm getting real close to mounting my 10.4" in my 1998 Chevy Malibu but before I go ahead with my plans I first wanted to hear some input. As of now, I've cut a hole big enough simply to place the screen into my dash. The problem is securing it inside of there. I do have some screw holes where my radio/AC controls were, but if I wanted to use those to attach to the mounting holes on my screen, I'd have to drill through my touchscreen glass...dont really wanna do that. So what I've decided is to mount the screen onto a sheet of plexiglass of the same dimensions, and then I will be able to atach teh controller, inverter, touch controller on the back side of the plexiglass (while the TFT & touchscreen are attached to the front of it).

    The walls on the inside of the dash opening are not straight but rather slanted. My thoughts were to take 4 hinges, with the hinge being a sort of 'variable angle bracket ' and attaching 4 of them to each corner of the plexiglass on the back side. I would then bolt the hinges to the plastic sides of the 'walls' inside of the dash opening. Would this work? I was thinking that using the hinges in this way, they would not be able to move. I would the screen to be sturdy and not move when it is pressed.

    Some of you may be wondering why I don't simply mount the screen onto the back 'wall' of the dash opening, well that's because there is none, there are 3 mounting holes about 7" into the dash opening that are attached to some *very* sturdy metal tubing but that is it. So any ideas or shall I proceed ahead as planned?

    Also Arby maybe you could answer this one, how did you attach the fiberglass piece you made, to the rest of your console? My pieces in my car like that attach with snap-in type connectors but I'm assuming you did not fabricate those.

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    Maybe this was too long for most readers' pleaseure

    How about this one...what are some ways to mount an LCD in a dash opening?


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      I built a little wedge out of MDF that I attached to the 4 holes that used to hold in the stereo cage.


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        So what holds the touchscreen glass onto the lcd w/o sliding out of position???


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          looks like tape to me
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            oh I just read on another post from him that he has those two large-head screws on the bottom to keep it from sliding.. seems like an idea


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              I tore apart my dash today trying to think of how I'm going to fabricate my 10.4" lcd into the dash. Have decided I think that I'm gonna to cut so that I can put it a little bit deep into the dash so that the manual shifter isn't rubbing the LCD lol.. just like an inch or so. Then on with the clay and fiberglassing. Think I may be able to rig up some sort of metal bracket that will go from the old CD player rack bolts to the 4 screws on the LCD. This should hold it in place nicely. I wish the touchscreen cover wasn't so big.. it's gonna make me have to make the fiberglass cover alot bigger because it hangs over the side of the LCD so much.. grr bummer I'll work around it