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More info on 800x480 mode for Xenarc...

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  • More info on 800x480 mode for Xenarc...

    After some tweaking using the settings below in powerstrip, I get an oustanding picture in 800x480 mode. Now the only "problem" is that the OSD still reports running 640x480. But if you guys look on page 3 of the instructions, about midway down, it says "640x480 expandable to 800x480" which leads me to believe that this screens native res is 640 but it can display 800. I dont think it is even possible to get it to switch to 800x480 "mode", but you can just get it to display the pixels. I say this because Im using the xenarc right now in 800x480 "mode" and it looks great, but it just wont report that its in that mode. Also if you mess with PS settings, sometimes it displays "Unknown mode" on the OSD, but as soon as you enter the settings displayed below, it switches to 640x480 "mode" yet it displays 800 pixels across the screen. I dont know if this helps at all. Let me know what you guys find. The settings below are not 100% tweaked but they are a great starting point.

    '03 BMW M3 6 spd.
    Black/Imola Red

    Shuttle XPC w/ AMD 1800+
    Opus 150w
    Lilliput 7"
    Wireless internet through my P900 and bluetooth

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    I was able to acheive similar results, although with somewhat different settings.

    The only annoying thing is, when windows starts, the screen is all messed up before powerstrip loads. I think the resolution defaults to 800x600 before powerstrip modifies it.

    Does anybody know if this can be fixed? If not, its not a big deal.

    See attached image for settings.

    I sent a message to Xenarc asking about how to expand the resolution. They said that I should buy a video card that supports 800x480 natively. I asked for a suggestion. I will post when I hear back.



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      doh. I forgot to attach the image.


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        Just FYI for all, here is what Xenarc told me about 800x480:

        We use Neomagic MagicGraph which supports 800x480. But most of the testing is done in 640x480 since it is the most widely available resolution. We use LCD modules from Panasonic which offers a native resolution of 800x480. However, there are very little video cards out there that support this resolution. That is why we made the monitor to support 640x480 (640x480 stretch to 800x480 native), which can be commonly used.


        Jimmy Hu


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          jimmy is a good guy.... but eewww neomagic chipsets yuck... i sure as hell hope that isn't in a desktop... they are good for laptops but anything else yuck
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            Jimmy sent me some more info, sounds more promising.

            FYI, here is another graphic card that supports 16:9 800x480. Itís AOPEN PA315 Pro-TVH. You can visit the follow URL for more info:


            I believe some older Matrox video cards support 800x480. I donít know about now. And I think offers drivers for Nvidia, ATI Radeon, 3dfx that enable 800x480. But this has not been confirmed. Hope this helps.


            I think I may look at the drivers he mentioned and see if they work. When I hacked my nVidia drivers myself the picture was all screwy, but maybe these work better for some reason.



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              What if?

              What if my display adapter is so cheesy that the button for custom resolutions is greyed out?

              Is there another way of making a resolution like 800x480

              My hardware is;
              VIA C3 800Mhz
              Shuttle FV25 Barebone w/ S3 Twister 3D display adapter.


              best regards
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                Here's the deal. Every XGA video card is capable of displaying resolutions up to 1024x768. It's part of the spec. VESA 2.0 and all that. Now, that taken into consideration, you're drivers may no LIKE other resolutions. My ATI card will do just about anything. You might want to consider changing video cards.


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                  No can do.

                  This is an ONBOARD thingy

                  Just have to see what ill come up with

                  Anyway.. iwe sent S3 a mail where i asked if it were possible or not. So all i have to do, is wait and see..
                  "If A equals success, then the formula is: A=X+Y+Z. X is work. Y is play. Z is keep your mouth shut."
                  Albert Einstein