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  • Kenwood LZ800W

    Anyone have any thoughts on this touchscreen? I'm trying to get started planning my carputer and am considering this as a display.

    Here it is

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    That touchscreen probably has a proprietary connector for Kenwood head units. You would then need to figure out a hack for it to make it work with a PC.


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      Well wish me luck.. it'll look good in my dash LOL


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        and what method would I use to find what pin does what? Would I somehow have to get wiring diagrams from Kenwood?


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          Not only the hardware, but potentially software, since it is unlikely to use anything remotely resembling RS232 or any sort of PS/2 or USB style mouse protocol.


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            thanks for answering all of my questions...

            Anyways scratch that Idea. Hopefully I'll come up with a viable solution for my jeep sometime soon.


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              Yup, the touchscreen sends signals into the heart of the unit. Its for use with their Navigation system and CD changers. The unit displays the interface onscreen, then communicates which button on screen you pressed to the connected unit, not the location. There is no way in the world you could get this to work with a computer, unless you made it emulate a Kenwood Navigation system. AFAIK the MOST anyone has managed is to partially emulate a CD changer, and very little info is available on that.

              Youd be better getting non-touchscreen version if you can of some common size and get an overlay for it.
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                I've decided on hacking up an Xenarc... this looks like more trouble than I'm up for my first install...maybe the next... but not this one. Thanks anyways. I'll file that away for future reference because they make some good looking screens...