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  • Lilliput Parts?

    Does anyone have an old lilliput that's not working? I need the receiver for the remote. I stupidly burned mine up Or is there a different receiver that i can buy and use ? Thanks

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    No guarantee that Armen will have what you need, but he has all sorts of spare parts.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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        thanks, I'll try the the sites and see if they have what I need


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          I saw a post by kiwiruss in "Everything you need to know about your lilliput" saying:

          "Replacement IR sensor
          found this in another post...

          "The IR sensor was a shot in the dark. When disassembling my lilliput
          monitor, one of the 3 connecting pins broke off the original sensor.
          The guy at Radio Shack said he was 99.8% sure this one would work. He
          was right. If you break off your sensor, you can replace it with Radio
          Shack Part # 2760640 38MHZ IR Receiver Module. cost was $3.69"

          I'll get one this week and try it out."

          Good luck!


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            Well I spent about 30 mins at RS with guy trying to figure out what might work but we didn't get anywhere. I'll pick on up and try it. Thanks


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              The guy at RS couldn't find this


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                I went back today with the part number and he found it pretty quick It worked just fine Thanks again.