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Having to recalibrate every x minutes

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  • Having to recalibrate every x minutes

    I have just set up the carputer, and everything is working nicely except from the LCD - a JPP D700VT. After calibrating it is fairly accurate, but after some minutes - may be 5, 10 or an hour - it "forgets" the calibration and the mouse pointer is turning up no where near where i want. I cannot seem to find an obvious pattern either. It can happen while i am driving, while i am parked, when i am not touching the screen for a while, while i am stressing it etc.

    Any ideas?

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    Atleast you can calibrate... Everytime I use my lilliput and try to calibrate the software just crashes =[


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      lol new screen time. that sucks when the software you use crashes. You sure you install the right software.


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        Have you pulled apart the monitor since new? i.e fabricated into a dash?
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          No, i mounted the frame into the dash and the screen in the frame. I doubt the screen is damaged. I am wondering if this could be a ground issue as i know you can experience weird problems with this. If not it has to be on the driver/pc side and not the mounting.