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Weird Problem with LCD (DWW-700H)

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  • Weird Problem with LCD (DWW-700H)

    I've been using DWW-700H as the LCD for my carputer for more than 6 months and everything has been working fine until yesterday. Yesterday when I came home, I shutdown the carputer as normal (everything was working fine) but this morning when carputer started, there was no display and the screen shows "disconnecter" (meaning disconnected). I checked the VGA cable and everything was connected fine.

    Now what I don't understand is that, what could have happened overnight (when no one touched anything) ? Is it that for whatever reason my VGA card is gone bad or could it be a problem with LCD ?

    Has anybody seen this type of thing before ? Any ideas ? Any help would be appreciated because I hate taking everything out to test at home
    04 Accord Coupe Carputer

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    anyone ?
    04 Accord Coupe Carputer


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      Seeing a "no output" type message on a monitor 99% of the time means that something is wrong with the computer itself.

      Assuming the PC powers up (if not we have a different problem)

      The most common causes are listed below:

      1.) Remove the memory from the computer, clean both the memory and the slot the memory goes in to with compressed air. Replace and re-try.

      2.) IF you have a PCI or AGP video card (anything other than an on-board) remove it and do the same thing. And try to boot it up

      3.) Something has happened to the CPU possibly,try flashing the BIOS and trying again.

      If you can, try removing the computer from the car and hooking it up to house power and a monitor you know is working.


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        Update: I ruled out the possibility of LCD problem by connecting my laptop to it and it worked fine. Now I need to figure out whats wrong with the computer. Since its has VIA mobo with VGA integrated, there is a high possibility that the VGA has gone bad but what I don't understand is that how can it go bad over night .
        04 Accord Coupe Carputer


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          Highly unlikely the on-board video died. More likely the the board itself died.

          Check the memory first.

          Next, remove the CPU and put it back in.

          As a last resort replace the board.