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  • LCD Setup up question

    I have a 03 Dodge Durango with 3 rows of seats. My plan is to put two 9" inch sunvisor monitors in the front.

    Im not sure about the back seats though. My plan was to have 4 flip down tvs in the back for each passenger, problem is this SUV comes with A/C ducts in the roof so it is to hard to place multiple flip screens there. I then thought maybe the back of the front seats and the headrests for the second row, problem there is that the front seats are one piece bucket, racing type seats and I do not want to cut into them... If I were to mess up I would have to have the whole seat redone. Cant put head rest TV on the second row for the 3rd, because the space in the back isnt huge so ur legs get in the way..... also it keeps the seats from folding correctly. The only option I can see is to buy one big LCD for the back middle which all back seaters watch. What size should I go with.... is 20" big enough?

    Would like some info or ideas on what I can do..... Would luv to see pix of people that have done installs on similar cars were the A/C ducting is in the roof and sides.
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