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Xenarc TSV backlight problem

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  • Xenarc TSV backlight problem

    screen turns on, shows a blink of an image and turns off. which chip or what can i check or replace to solve this problem?

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    Maybe the bended ribbon cable touches the back of the board. It does get out of its bend form with time because of heat. Try bending it (gently) back into shape and away from the back of the board. If necessary add some space between the screen and the board with some kind of a spacer.


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      i took it all apart, and tried to play around with the ribbon cable and checked all connections... nothing. i am wondering could it be a fried chip? but the cable is kinda bent. but all the lights work fine. but it just turns off with the backlight.


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        No idea. But it does sound like a chip problem. I had the ribbon issue a week ago so I thought that may be the same with you, but I guess not.

        Does it at least try to fix a resolution, like displaying
        800x600 60hz" or something before shutting down?

        Perhaps re-install the drivers, just a thought.


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          on this tsv it doesnt do anything, but the pc reads the screen no problem. it just turns on and off.


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            like a power short lol