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How Durabile are flip out single DIN displays????

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  • How Durabile are flip out single DIN displays????

    I have elected to go the route of least resistence for now and opt for a flip out display. I do have concerns though about durability. Considering we drive roughly every other day, and probably turn the car on and off about 3-5 times a day (obviously these are conservative estimates - i drive every day and turn it on - off about 10 times a day) what is the life span of such a display, constantly flipping up and down...

    Is it better to go for a manual screen that I pull out myself? Do the screens lean back every time a button is pressed (touch screen)? If I can't fit this type of screen then I will go for an indash, but that requires fabrication and a ton of work. A flip out would solve many of my problems and allow me to mount my screen lower on the panel and out of the way of sunlight.

    So, how durable/reliable are flip out screens (motorized - nonmotorized) Are there any models anyone would suggest?

    Thanks in advance!!!!

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    i have a xenarc 700IDT manual flip out monitor. i went the same route you are thinking about. i didnt want to spend a lot of time on fabrication, i just wanted something that would work and look half decent. well i got what i wanted, everything installed in about 2 days and looks pretty decent. i like the manual flip out so that i can actually just leave it out most of the time and just tuck it away if i feel the need to. the only problem that i have had is the cable that connects the actual monitor to the back of the case has some how come loose and now my screen flickers a lot and some times washes out in red. everything still works i have actually went for about 4 months this way. i am thinking about actually modding the screen to turn it into standard in dash screen. it all just comes down to how much time you want to invest into the project. good luck with you decision
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      I just got for myself the DWW-70H that Armen at digital worlwide sells. works great, its not a glossy screen, its a matte, but because of the touchscreen it does have some additional glare, its plenty bright. But more to the point its very durable and incredibly well built and it feels very soild and durable. the pull out part of the monitor locks into place and the hinge for the LCD keeps the monitor i place very well, doesnt shake around. probably the nicest thing i like about it is the solid locking swivel feature. the monitor swivels left and rigt between aimed towards the driver and passenger seats. Its a little harder then you might think to 'swivel' left or right but works great. The display also tilts forward and back a little more then 135 degrees.
      I wanted to stay away from motorized. Most of the motorized screens are going to have carbon fiber or plastic gears, even iv they have metal gears you have to consider that the slight vibration of the car and any speed bumps or cracks in the road could cause the screen to slip on gears. being in northen mass, southern nh, we got alot of dirt and bumpy/cracked up roads