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Allowable resolutions on GAIN screens?

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  • Allowable resolutions on GAIN screens?

    I bought a GAIN(LINITX) screen a while back & while its great one thing is driving me nuts:

    I am using a mac mini in the house as a home media computer hooked up to my HDTV at 1280x720. I also want to use it in the car hooked up to the GAIN monitor. I want to keep the mac running at the same resolution as the HDTV as the HDTV is very picky about what you throw at it. If I switch the VGA cable to the GAIN while the mac is still running the mac still thinks the HDTV is connected and the GAIN monitor happily displays the 1280x720 display for the HDTV and it looks great. However, if the mac restarts and tries to display that same resolution the GAIN displays "OUT OF RANGE". Confusing as it could obviously handle it.

    If I try to set the display at 800x400, it looks OK on the GAIN (says its 640x480 though) but the HDTV won't accept it.

    I don't want to have to reset the resolution to 800x600 every time I shut down the mac and then select a working resolution when it starts up.

    Any ideas how to get the gain to accept the 1280x720 resolution?
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