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dww 700m display problem

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  • dww 700m display problem

    i have had this screen for 2 years now and i just started having this problem, no display only lines moving around the screen. has anyone had this problem before? is it fixable or garbage? i have attached a video of my screen so you guys can see what i mean.
    i have already tried connecting another computer to the screen with the same results so it must be the screen right? not the computer

    any help would be great thanks
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    has anyone seen anything like this happen to any screen at all?

    im wondering now if the screen could be catching some interference from somewhere kinda like what happens with an inverter sometimes only a thousand times worse.


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      no one has any ideas that can help me?


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        I very occasionally get something similar on my screen when resuming from standby (a manual flip out with built in amp and fm radio) but mine is more white and less movey abouty. Cycling my screen through the composite inputs back to vga has always fixed it straight away for me though.