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taking apart a xenarc 700IDT

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  • taking apart a xenarc 700IDT

    I currently have a xenarc 700IDT indash screen. I love the screen but the next step of the computer is making it look OEM, therefore I need a screen that fits in the dash. I'm thinking about just taking apart the xenarc and trying to make it into a 'normal' 7'' screen. Is this a bad idea? should I just sell it and buy another screen, if so I'm guessing the lilliput EBY701??

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    Hello, Long time lurker, first time poster...

    I'm in the same boat with the same monitor. I want it to look OEM in a Honda Ridgeline 2 DIN opening. While testing the setup, I noticed the aluminum shroud gets fairly warm. While thinking of putting the LCD in a different shroud/housing I wondered if plastic or fiberglass would keep the monitor internals as cool as the aluminum shroud. I'm assuming (with no knowledge or training in theses things...) that the aluminum pulls heat away from the LCD and gives it off to the surrounding air. On that principle I decided to keep the shroud in my design.

    I was at least hoping to relocate the buttons on the outside of the monitor so I bit the bullet (broke the warranty seal) and opened mine up (see images). Once I got it opened I could see the buttons are on the main board. It looks pretty difficult to move them so I don't think I'm going to try. If anyone has a tip for doing that let me know.

    I haven't given up on this monitor. I'll just have to figure something out...

    Good luck.
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