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How to Manually control Brightness 700TSV

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  • How to Manually control Brightness 700TSV

    I have a Xenarc 700TSV installed in my car and got the desire to control the brightness by the car's dimmer switch. This would allow me to manually turn the brightness up and down with out designing for extra functionality of extra properties.

    If any one knows how the 700TSV's brightness is controlled on the screen, or can tell me how to control the brightness.


    I cannot use the remote that was included with the screen, nor the buttons on the buttom of the screen because of stylistic design.

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    There are "brightness control" with the car dimmer came up before. I am not sure what the solution is.
    I think dimmer control "maybe" deferent among cars. Some may use POT while other may use PWM. For Toyota, it use POT on the - wire. On monitor Lilliput I have no clue.

    Anyway, whatever your installation is, if you plan in advance, you can always relocate the IR sensor on the monitor to a place you can use remote control with it.
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      Do It proper

      I know that some car use a POT control, but what I need to know is, is there some way to get that POT controlled line that goes in the radio wiring harness to control the brightness of the Xenarc 7" Touchscreen? I do not want to drill a holes through the wood grain dash in-order for the remote control to have access, and I wanted the ability to make the screen dim with the dash lights.

      I any one knows how the Xenarc 700TSV screen's onboard brightness controls operate then please let me know. I have been long working on my project and have encountered many issues but, some how or way, conquer all the issues.

      I have my computer turn on when I crank the car, and when the computer turns on the amps are told to turn on. Right now, the computer autmatically load Media Player. When I cut the car off, I made the coputer utilize the safety delay of the car and it cuts off after about ten seconds.

      Issue I am currently working on would be the screen brightness however. I got pulled over by a passing state trooper because my screen was to bright. but I had Street and Trips loaded so I got away with saying it was a GPs navigation Unit. This is why I want to turn the brightness down during the night. Once I figure this out then I might to the transflective upgrade for the day.


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        remove the ir sensor from the board, wire it & extend it to inside an ac vent or something, no holes in the woodgrain, easy & you'l at least have acess to the functions

        to do what you want dimming with dash lights, you will have to interface directly with the backlight inverter, maybe even replacing it, that alone may not allow direct connection to the dash lights either, but it's a start.
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          A while ago, someone came up with a hardware mod for the 700tsv inverter to manually control the brightness. If you search a bit, you should be able to find it.

          Another thing people have done is wire up the IR sensor solder points to the computer's serial port (like LIRC), and used girder to make the LCD act as if you're pressing the menu buttons using the computer. I imagine you could write a script to send a series of commands to decrease the brightness. You can also search for this


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            I built a circuit that would do the trick, pretty easy to do, you need to vary the voltage between 7v and 12v... the issue is you need to find where the power is being delivered to the backlight... I never went further than the circuit design, but I used photo diodes and used enough capacitors to keep it from fluxuating fast... so my design was to be automatic, which is truly how it should be...
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              As far as controling the brightness of the LCD screen, my TSV's ir sensor cam with enough cable that I could just poke it out the back and I ran in inside my AC vent for now.

              I still want to make the brightness automated, but it is on the back burner right now.