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Do I really need a touchscreen?

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  • Do I really need a touchscreen?

    I am about to install my first carputer (a Mac Mini). I plan to run OSX and XP with Parallels. I will be using the carputer primarily for 1) Music (OS X), 2) GPS (XP), 3) OBD (probably XP unless I find a Mac system that I like). I will occasionaly use the Mac for web access, movies, etc. while my truck is NOT in motion.

    Now for the screen questions. I first though I needed/wanted a touchscreen, but now I am wondering if I really need one. I would like to use QCar FE once it is availble and it is primarily configured for SpaceNavigator input. I would also like to use voice recognition as much as possible but I have not researched to know if there good applications available. I am planning on a sinlge DIN in-dash screen (either motorized or non-motorized).

    What are the pros/cons of touchscreen and non-touchscreen?

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    Voice activation doesnt work well at all when the vehicle is in motion due to road noise. Touch screen is the best/easiest/safest way to control the computer
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      I plan to give voice commands a try just for the heck of it. I have an '07 Tundra that is very quiet plus I have added a lot of sound deadening, bottom line I am close to best case scenario.

      As for the original question about the touchscreen, I guess a good set-up is touchscreen with another type of input to provide flexibility. In my case I think it will be a 3D control.