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Existing Lilliput - best option for Sunlight readability

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  • Existing Lilliput - best option for Sunlight readability

    Hi All,

    I've been using my Lilliput 629 w/TS for over a year now. Purchased it for around $280 and haven't had any problems that I couldn't resolve by reading helpful posts here

    Now, I've been itching to try the sunlight readable LCDs - MP3car's transflective Lilliput looks nice. But I don't want to throw away my current LCD. I can't really sell it since I have used the original Lilliput bezel in my fab.

    I remember/see that Nameeri got his LCD upgraded by FPD Design (nmbenson). I saw some posts indicating that FPD didn't want to deal with individual requests and had group buys/upgrades only. This was before MP3car started selling transflective LCDs.

    Has anyone pursued the upgrade option after that?

    Is it possible to still get direct costumer upgrades done somewhere?

    If not, how about a group upgrade order? Is anyone interested? Will anyone (FPD?) do it, for say more than 10 units?

    Sorry if all this information is available somewhere in the forums. I did try searching, but couldn't find the answers.

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    Group Buys aren't allowed on these forums.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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