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controller for Lp150X04

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  • controller for Lp150X04

    i have a LP150x04 from a toshiba Laptop and I need a controller board. Any suggestions. I bought one from Tywong888 on ebay. the cable he sent does not fit the lcd panel and now four month later he's still giving me the shaft.


    i would really appreciate a board that will work

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    Is the driving method of your lcd panel (I suppose LVDS) and the drive of your controller board the same? ALL LVDS or ALL TTL RGB? Without it there is no hope at all. They are incompatible.

    In the case, when your controller has pins like those: Tx1+, Tx1-, Tx2+, Tx2-.... then you have LVDS. In the case you have eg.: R0, R1, R2..R7, G0, G1...G7,B0, B1, B2.... you have TTL RGB drive.

    BOTH the display and the controller pinout have to contain the same type of pins.

    When the problem is in the cable, that is not a huge thing, resolder it according to the original arrangement.

    Is it a 20 wires flatribbon cable?
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      Originally posted by bbalazs View Post
      Is the driving method of your lcd panel (I suppose LVDS) and the drive of your controller board the same? ALL LVDS or ALL TTL RGB? Without it there is no hope at all. They are incompatible.
      Lol, I have done the thing that has no hope. My screen is an LTM08C351 with a TTL interface, and I'm driving it from an LVDS port on my PCM-9373. So take that...!

      (The PCM3540 LVDS receiver between the two converts and gives hope where there can be none.)
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      New system at design/prototype stage on BeagleBoard.


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        I think wired48 asked about the present status. With additional hardware you can do that.
        And using an older, cheap LCD monitor (running on 12V) this whole misery with the displays and controller cards goes away...
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          The panel is LVDS and the controller is LVDS. However TYWONG888 is unable to give me the pinout for the controller. I have the data sheet for the panel. If you can tell me how to identify the pinouts on the controller I can solder it to the original cable.


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            I think that controller can not be a unique one, so it has a brand, a type, sub-type, etc.
            Firstly, try to search info on the net. Similar models have similar pinout, try to search other types of the same manufacturer.

            Then, the controller is usually a general one, so jumpers are available (at least you have to set the panel voltage and often the backlight power voltage).
            When all your sources ran off, look the type of the transmitter chip on the controller (I think it will be National or Motorola) and seek info about that pinout and directly measure the pins by a multimeter.

            I think you are quite familiar to the multimeter. Identify ground, then power lines (3.3V, 12V, 5V or so) Data lines will be around 0.2V and usually start with Tx0-, then TX0+, and so on.

            Only one great danger is peeping you behind the corner: when any of your equipments is a 5-pair LVDS. Hopefully I have seen it only once in a notebook....
            Another possibility to have a controller with TMDS (the principle is the same, but they are not compatible). In that case you have a SIL1xx chip on the controller.

            Why that guy keeps the pinout in secret?
            Why you do not show that controller to us? It is more difficult to speak in a general way.
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              this is a link to the controller. If this is not good enough i.ll try to get a better photo




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                Low tension output... LOL

                And is there any sign on the PCB about the TYPE? These were just features.
                Is your display on the support list?

                What is the main difference between your connector and the connector provided by the seller?

                Concerning the photo, these signals are in pairs, that is indicated by color (eg. brow/brown-white, red/red-white and so on)
                The pairs are close to each other on the PCB and pairs are often separated by GNDs.
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                  Originally posted by wired48 View Post
                  this is a link to the controller. If this is not good enough i.ll try to get a better photo
                  A close-up photo of the inverter couldn't hurt. Like bbalazs said, if you can find things labeled Tx1+, etc... then you're in good shape. Just finding the clock pair would be a first step. If you have access to a good digital oscilloscope, you could figure it out pretty easily... I don't see much danger with trial/error either, but don't come looking for me if something goes wrong.

                  Also, you haven't said how many pins there are. There are standards described by the SPWG (standard panel working group), and you may be able to guess which one it is by how many pins are used.


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                    thanks for all the help. it's working and it looks SWEETTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT. Took about 4 hours to finish. thanks again


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                      Congratulation! A glorious victory of a brilliant mind over the material world
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                        Here's a pic


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                          Would it be possible to post the LVDS pin configuration for your board? Also, what method did you use to discover the LVDS pinouts for the board? Did TYWONG888 finally give you the spec sheets?


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                            Thanks to wired48 for helping me put this together
                            thanks to him my lcd panel lives

                            this is what I have for the lcd panel
                            Rear View pins

                            1 Vcc Power(3.3V)
                            2 Vcc Power(3.3V)
                            3 GND Ground
                            4 GND Ground
                            5 A1M Differential Signal
                            6 A1P Differential Signal
                            7 GND Ground
                            8 A2M Differential Signal
                            9 A2P Differential Signal
                            10 GND Ground
                            11 A3M Differential Signal
                            12 A3P Differential Signal
                            13 GND Ground
                            14 CLKM Differential Signal
                            15 CLKP Differential Signal
                            16 GND Ground
                            17 NC No Connection
                            18 NC No Connection
                            19 GND Ground
                            20 GND Ground

                            And from what he told me...

                            LCD controller lvds pinout for the tywong888 board ...
                            white triangle on board is pin 1

                            1 VCC
                            2 VCC
                            3 NC
                            4 GRD
                            5 GRD
                            6 GRD
                            7 A1M
                            8 A1P
                            9 A2M
                            10 A2P
                            11 A3M
                            12 A3P
                            13 GRD
                            14 GRD
                            15 CLKM
                            16 CLKP
                            17 NC
                            18 NC
                            19 NC
                            20 NC
                            21 thru 30 NC and had no plug on them


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                              I'm new here and i just registered because of this thread (...for now.. maybe for something else later ^^)

                              anyways... i've got a controller from tywong888 on ebay. a friend bought it for his LCD, but tywong shipped a wrong connection cable (didn't fit on his LCD).
                              after almost 6months he sold it to me.
                              well.. i've got 4 LCDs here to play around with..
                              the problem is... the controller board i have here differs from the one in the auction pictures o.O

                              the connectors are different too.

                              any chance to find a pinout or adapt the known pinout (in athlonxps post) to this board?!

                              the controller seems to work. when i give it a signal the LED on the keyboard PCB turns green. but i didnt get a picture out of it so far... (only fullscreen-color-mess)

                              here are some pics of what i've got...


                              the connector next to the Realtek RTD2013B Chip has 30pins and is named "CN12".
                              the connector next to it is named "CN11" and has 40pins
                              the connector to the right is named "CN13" and has 30pins

                              the two flex-cable connectors (CN14 and CN16) seem to be connected to CN11 and 13.

                              any ideas...?!