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LCD Mounting Bracket Advice Sought

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  • LCD Mounting Bracket Advice Sought

    Rather than replacing the factory head unit in my '07 HHR which I find to be more than adequate (and it satisfies my preference to leave the interior as "stock" as possible) I've decided to try to make use of the dash-top storage compartment to house an appropriately-sized LCD TouchScreen that can lay flat, entirely concealed within the closed compartment when not in use, and flip forward for use whenever desired.

    Being an admitted neophyte to much of the myriad car computing devices and technologies available, I am hoping someone can provide some guidance toward a specific device that fits this use/form factor or a bracket that would be capable of supporting the display as I've described. I've attached a side-view drawing of what I'm trying to describe.

    Ideally, there would be a compatible integrated display/bracket solution. In lieu of that goal, I'd be more than happy to combine an available display with a bracket if it's known that such a beast exists. I'd greatly appreciate any relevant, experienced guidance that others may wish to share.

    Thanks, in advance, to all who choose to respond.

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    nice dwg.

    what are the dim's of the storage area?
    what abilities do you have for farication?
    06 Altima..SER front bumper.
    CAR PC.....soon to be true!!
    Oshawa Canada!!