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Need Reco' for which LCD to get

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  • Need Reco' for which LCD to get

    Hey fellas and chicks, been a while since I was back. Put my carputer plans on hold while other projects took precedence. I'm back into interest and enquiry mode.

    Here's the space I have to work with for my lcd install;

    Not bad huh ? After gutting A/C ducts and stereo, reloc the A/C controls it should be ideal for a stealth install of a 15 incher.

    Interestingly enough, I should be able to duct the A/C vent behind the LCD and down through the center console and arm rest where I'll have the puter, giving ample heat or cold for the components. Yes, its a fairly large car. Awards and kudos for anyone who can guess what model it is

    Anway, i have read alot of the display and hardware posts. I am still somewhat uncertain exactly what I'll need.

    So, the car is tinted pretty heavy, it came from Texas. 5% i think
    Even still, I think I'll need more than a 250 or 300 (nit is it ?) screen. considering I want a capactive touchscreen overlay perhaps I need something even more powerful, like those two bulb jammies you guys were talking abvout on the other thread.

    But perhaps not, considering the tint. I just dont know.

    So, would a regular lcd with 300 nits power be enough w the overlay ?

    Does anyone have a rec on a decently bright screen of this size w brightness controls on the front or bottom ?

    I'm not against modding the case and relocating buttons. I used to have a steady hand with the soldering iron, but I'm getting on in age

    Thanks in advance

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    you might fit a 15" widescreen there, but it doesnt look like a normal 15" would fit, the bay doesnt look tall enough..

    i could be wrong though, you didnt measure the height


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      height's not a problem, 15's are about 10" high and this dash is bigger than a darn Bentley. But you're right, the 10" would hang down below the ashtray there. I plan on fabbing a center console that comes up to meet the lcd however. I need the console to reloc teh HVAC controls and touchpad headunit etc.

      My concern is really light output. I may just dick-around with an old 15 i have, just to see how it looks. but i would hate to invest in the puter hardware w embedded vid just to find out i woulda been better off with another approach likke a via board or something.

      So in shorter terms, would a normal 15" 300 nit output lcd w touch overlay work well enough in a car with 5% tint ?


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        Originally posted by attilahooper View Post
        Awards and kudos for anyone who can guess what model it is
        I'm gonna go with a 93ish Caddy Fleetwood.


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          Very good, 96 Fleetwood to be exact. Last year of production.