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    Hwo you all going, just got my *** into gear and hooked up my CarPC with my existing DVD player which has RCA inputs and outputs, just put my PC in and hook it all up and does not show any video. If anyone tried to use or had a Vision VS-700 (which is the DVD player), it has both PAL and NTSC conversions. I have got it to work through VGA, but RCA does not want to show anything at all. If have hooked it up to the reverse camera wire which changed to AV when the player turns on. The PC has RCA output on the motherboard also. I am going try to use the S-video output and see if it might me just the port that is stuffed or is there a setting to change video settings from VGA to RCA? Thanks, Reaper Falcon

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    You have to tell your video card to output to the composite/s-video output. This is done differently depending on what kind of video card you have, but it won't just automatically be sending a composite signal out. Also, your video card will limit you as to what resolutions are available for composite output. Most can generally do at least 800x600.
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      Thanks mate, I was just about to change the settings when my HDD crashed.